Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pigeon - my fav Blythe

So I've been less and less into Blythe lately, but one who always grabs my heart and whom I will probably never sell is my custom Natasha Moore, Pigeon.
When I got her she looked like this:

And I so hated her. I tried to sell her twice, and then I decided to open up her head, rip off her scalp, spray matte her face, pull out her eyelashes....dye and cut her hair....and NOW look how much personality she has:

It was scary and tough to open her up, and I just plain got lucky with how great her eyelashes came out. But now, I love her so so so much. She is so special to me.
If you are on the fence about customizing a certain girl- go for it. Especially if it's a doll to which you don't have much feeling for at the moment, customizing can make all the diffrence.

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