Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fireplace is done! And and "oeil de boeuf" window installed!

Here it is with a wooden mantel...I really think its cute!

Now what is confusing me, is how to attach it to the wall of the pumpkin house...and when. Like now? Or when the pumpkin is on its base? I better paint the inside of the fireplace, like blacken the walls and stuff. Hmmmmmmmm!

Oh and, I don't know how to call this in english- the oeil de boeuf window. Its in! It is a 1.5" bevel, with a lead border..the lead was H shaped, but I cut off one of the wings, so I guess now it is h shaped- anyway- and fit it into the hole I cut in the pumpkin. Its like a little spy hole, I LOVE it.
Look how cute Ghost is, peeking out of it!

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