Saturday, March 19, 2011

Odds and ends...

So, I took some pics of my Dal, actually I was going to put her up for sale - but since I did sell Princess Kaba, I wonder if maybe I'll keep this Dal.
I was really surpised how much I like this photo, and I'm wondering if my lack of interest in her is cause of the clothing I'm dressing her in....maybe the gaudy fluffy ball gown thing has got to go.

Anyway, she looks good nude!

And here is some Calico Critters furniture I've been massing with. I really liked them when I bought them, but I just had that teeeeesy need to think I could do better so I smeared them with some pastel and sealant, and I think they look great!

It's time for Ghost's bed time story....hmmm.....which of the fairy tales do you think is her favorite?

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