Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tinsley is THE cutest thing ever....

I can't help it.
She is so frigging adorable.
How can something this cute exist???!!


  1. Hi there! This is pepperonipizza on DoA. I saw your blog link in your siggy and took a look. I hope you blog more with your adorable little piggy. Blogging is quite addicting I have found. Which is why I now have two blogs! Well, I'll stop rambling now and post my comment. :P

  2. She is super cute! I have quite a fondness for these pigs. Is she from Charles Creature Cabinet?

  3. Hmmm not exactly, Tinsley is an Alice Cherry Blossom, a doll conceived by Charles, but was made by the Elfdoll company.
    There is a whole family of them, but they can be hard to find!