Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hmmm...Gender confusion- help me decide!!!!


Toadstool is home!!!!

I had originally bought this doll to be a little boyfriend for Ghost. I didn't pre-buy any wigs, cause I thought maybe I could dye one of the wigs he came with.
So he shows up with this Justin Bieber inspired hair- its hilarious.

But the faceup is really pink, and I find the body kind of girly/chubby/kid looking- so for fun I tried this wig on- and I flipping loved it.

She could be this nasty little brat who likes cakes and candies and doesn't want to share.

I don't know what to do.
Help me!!!

How do you decide!!???


  1. I think the pink wig goes well with the colours in the faceup. Ghost needs a pleasant boyfriend. I mean who would want to wake up each morning next to someone pulling a face like that!? Toadstool can be their nasty neighbour.

  2. I prefer the brown wig.

    I too think that it wouldn't be a good relationship for Ghost.

    Nasty neighbour seems like the right sort of character for this one, what a great suggestion.


  3. Thanks for your comments! Ugrgh. Its a tough one. But if I keep Toadstool in the pink wig- then I can get a Tyni for Ghost...
    I need more wigs to try on!