Monday, May 7, 2012

Faceup enhance- whomp whomp!

I got my Lati Lea's wig in the mail this morning, so I could view her all together and see what I think... She has a basic faceup that I had enhanced with pastels....I removed some of her eye pastelling before takin the pic cause she looked a little too dark and sad. Problem is, I still think she looks too sad, or something. Its not right and I cant see why. The freckles? They make me think of cat whiskers now....too dark? The mouth missing something? The eyes are not happening at all I know I wanted something dark for her eyes. Ehn. Any suggestions are very welcome.


  1. I didn't know what skintone your Lea this was when I saw her on DoA, so I decided to click on your blog to see if you would have given mention. I think that the faceup is just fine :) If you were looking for a softer look, I would only say to thin out the eyebrows a bit, so they are not too striking and overly bold. The freckles are cute, but if they remind you of cat whiskers, then I would soften the look a bit and make them a tad bit lighter. You mention the lips and perhaps (and then again, I am by no means an expert, so these thoughts are obviously only my 2 cents on the matter) a bit more of a distinct outline on the top lip. I like the shade of pink you use though on her lips. They are soft and not screaming, "I am a toddler beauty pageant queen." The look you have still remains sweet and innocent which is refreshing because your Lea still looks like a child-- unless that is a look you'd like to deviate from.

  2. Thanks so much for your critique! I agree that the lips need defining- that will be tough! And its true that changing the shape of the eyebrow can possibly change the whole look.