Monday, July 9, 2012

New project-Steampunk Robot boy!

I picked up this Bobobie....Eric I think, for another project, but when he showed up his body was bigger than I anticipated, and I also really liked his face. He's got a cute little profile. So. I've decided to make him into a little steampunk robot friend for my Lati. Here he is.
I want to reshape his lower back, give him a belly you can see into, to see his inner workings, a little crystal heart in his chest, and most important- I'm going to gold leaf him. Oh and a keyhole in his back. Oh, AND get rid of that little willy of his.
The brass part I used to make this keyhole was made to open a jewlery box, with a little ring handle. I pulled it apart and used my jewelry saw to open up the key shaped hole, as well as take some of the filagree of the ends, so it will fit on his back better. I also sawed off his weiner, but I didn't take pics of that. ;)


  1. Oh, this sounds like a fun project! Can't wait to see how he turns out!

  2. Thanks! I'm eager to keep working on him, but its been so hot and disgusting here all my brain power is gone.