Friday, May 24, 2013

Dollhouse furniture....

I found a bag full of dollhouse furniture at a yard sale for 1$. They are all plain wooden peices, but I think with some effort they can be made into something nice!!

So here is the first one, I didn't think to get a before's a sort of a hutch I guess....
I painted it white, then sanded down the paint for a old farmhouse look, then put a little gloss coat on it.

I wanted to do something special with it, like put scrapbook paper in the shelves or something to make it more fancy...I've seen some neat ones on Etsy. But this peice is probably going into Tinsleys kitchen, therefore, I left it a little plain. The wallpaper in the kitchen is a yellow and orange stripe.

Here are the other two peices to do....not sure where I want to put them, but I wanted to do them in pinks and blues...pastel of course. Actually I'm just sitting here looking at the picture and they just all three really look like kitchen peices.
Well at least now I'll have somewhere to put all those mini dishes and copper pots I bought!
Ooooh and the pewter tea set....

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