Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not into Fees.....:(

So, she's spent two weeks in the box....I can't get used to this giant doll. She's so so so pretty- and really easy to photograph. The 10 shots I took of her came out perfect, every time.

But no, shes too big. I'm convinced now, anything over 16cm is too big for me.

SO- anyone want to trade a Luna Littlefee for a Lati Yellow?? I must have one. Specifically, lati LEA, and even more specifically- Halloween cat lea.

In other good news, since I have no where to rant and need to get this out, my boyfriend somehow- he doesn't know how- deleted all our photos from the past 3 months. Really great.
In particular, I'm pissed about the photo story I was working on with Juju- taking a bath. There were some really, really perfect shots in there, and its so much work editing and what not.

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