Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bad dolly week....

So, I decided to sell that Luna, as she was way, way, way to large for me to enjoy.
I now have my sights on a Lati Yellow....I really, really want a Lati. Really.

Apart from having to sell Luna (at a loss, cause of my hideous, horrible custom charges) I somehow managed to scratch Jujus faceup, while tightening her strings.

I took off half her face with rubbing alcohol and tried to fix it. It seems ok in the pics. I haven't scrutinized it in daylight, cause I sort of don't want to know.
Also, she is now suuuuuuuper tight, can't tell yet if its toooo tight, or just ok. I'm starting to be scared of breaking her or something- considering my luck.

GOOD THING shes awesomely cute and always makes me smile.

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