Monday, March 11, 2013

Bell Jar project PART ONE:

My friend and I were at Winners/Home Sense on the weekend and we saw this cute little bell jars for easter....We liked them but were to cheap to buy them, and the downside was they were VERY
easter-ish, I don't decorate for easter, so....whomp whomp!

But happily, my "I can do that but better" instinct kicked in, and I bought some (bigger and nicer) bell jars to make my own.

SO- here is how I am going about making my own bell jar miniature scene.

Here's the bell jar, it was 6$ at Home Sense....its a pretty big one, you can see my realpuki in there, she is not impressed.

I had some 1/2" foam board I wanted to use as a base, so I wet the rim of the bell jar and marked the foam so I could get the size of the base. Then I traced around with my exacto, and then went around a second time, making sure to pierce through the cardboard on the opposite side. Try to keep the blade straight, you don't want too much of a bevel on the foam.

                                                    Cutting around the 2nd time.....

It's not a perfect fit, but its an ok fit and the glue will plug up the open spaces.

Give it a test...if it doesn't fit shave off some of that foam!

I had some branches from a Thornapple tree that I wanted to use. It took a lot of cutting, snipping and testing before my tree fit in perfectly.

Pop it into the base! Easy branch is off center cause one of the branches sticks out, and I'm gonna use a nest in there somewhere, which should end up smack in the middle of the bell jar.

Meet your new best friend, modeling paste. I love this stuff. This is what will make the 'dirt' on the base.

I mixed the modeling past with some sand, and brown paint, all which I found at the dollar store.Those little rocks will be sprinkled around the base.

Here is the paste, with paint and sand....
Splutz it on, all over the base. Give it a bit of texture with the paint brush.

Use a spoon, or a small something (lucky my dollhouse was nearby, so I could borrow a shovel) and sprinkle on some rocks...tap them down gently with your finger, but try not to move them around too much. You want the paint/paste to act as a glue, but not to colour the stones.

Ok, that is drying now....I'll have to continue this next favorite part is coming up: MOSS.
I love love love fake moss!

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