Monday, March 25, 2013

Tattoos are addictive....

Even when they are just on resin...

I decided Beatrix needed a tattoo, cause I was bored and couldn't find any freaken fake butterflies to finish my stupid belljar. Seriously, why is it so hard to find a nice looking fake butterfly? How many craft stores do I have to visit?

So, since I can't finish the belljar (so much for a quick project) Beatrix gets some ink.

I suck at drawing, so I found an image online of something simple to copy the shape of the fish, and the fishes head. Also to help with shading.

Here is the outline:

Then I added some colours with pastels and watercolor pencils. I had a hard time with the water thats around the fish....I felt it needed something, but really had no inspiration for waves or anything. So it is what it is.

And here is Beatrix all put back together again, showing off her tattoo.....

It might not be perfect but I loved doing this. I want her to have something on her neck, on her chest....I think I will have to cover her in tattoos.

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