Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Curtains for the pumpkin house.....or, a tutorial on how not to do things.

Ok, so I saw this idea on another miniature blog somewhere.....I thought I bookmarked it, but I have no clue where it went, so thank you, mystery blogger for the idea.

I thought some curtains would really bring the pumpkin house together, and I would love to finish it this year, so this was my jump off project.

Scraps of fabric, brass tubing and some little brass beads with holes.

I cut the fabric into same sized rectangles and folded over some seams...this was super easy because of the checkered fabric, very helpful in measuring!

I used a fabric glue to do all the seams....because I hate sewing. This was fast and easy.

Then I inserted the brass rod and scrunched up the curtains, pinned them to a styrofoam...I had seen this on the blog, only she didn't use pushpins and she didn't use styrofoam. Don't use pushpins or styrofoam. Pushpins are really thick and left obvious holes in the fabric.....sewing pins are way more discreet.

The mystery blogger sprayed her curtains with hairspray to hold them.....I used a spray adhesive. Don't use a spray adhesive. It does not dry well, it made everything sticky AND it melted the styrofoam! Fun!

Here are the little brass balls glued onto the rod.....You can really see how 'well' the spray adhesive worked here.....(sarc.)

Aaaaaaaaand a couple of shots from the glue gun, and they are hanging up! how cute huh!
SO, this can be a quick and easy project, if you do things NOT the way I did them.
Next....I would like to have the chimney pipe installed, and the little lanterns hanging on the sides! Get the table in there, with a little matching cloth....it might start to look like home!!!!

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