Sunday, August 4, 2013

My little Mica....

Is it cheesy if I call him Rataxes? He is seriously cute.

I left my dollhouse somewhere safe when we moved a few months ago, it seemed cumbersome and I was petrified it would break but I really need to get the doll house over here, because I keep making empty roomboxes as temps and its getting a little ridiculous. If I could just contain myself and stop starting 39090 things without ever finishing them.....ugh. Anyway, I feel like my roomboxes look cold and empty, like I don't have enough furniture to clutter them up and make them look homey. Mind you, I probably do.

When I'm not working on other things, I started making some teensy food with polymer clay. I know, unheard of, right. My little ice creams (pictured here, one of many) came out pretty cute though!
Expect more photos, now that I can take them again....I also went through this thing where I was gonna sell my minifee, and then I got her a new wig and love her again, you know how it is!

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